(A) Recognized by the National Pet Society,

a hedgehog will give you lots of benefits. Other than being good for teaching small children about responsibility and care, many advantages come along with owning a pet you can find in your garden. They have been known to help people induce calmness and relaxation before bedtime too. Another great advantage is that they require minimal space and effort whereas dogs take up most of the house, chew stuff, etc… Hedgehogs, however, do not need large spaces or lots of time investment (especially when compared to other pets). Their food only costs like $30/month which is pretty inexpensive considering they are usually given cat food which costs around $30/kilo. This results in huge cost savings when compared to other pets because you do not have to buy dog or cat food, just stuff that is actually for hedgehogs.

They are also very easy to maintain, but you do need a license for this type of animal in most US states and Canadian provinces. These animals are much easier to control than dogs too so if you live in an apartment, it’s perfect! They don’t emit any noise so your neighbors won’t be disturbed by constant barking or meowing like with some other types of pets like cats or birds etc… The main point here is that Hedgehogs make great pets.

(B) Pets are all the rage nowadays, especially dogs and cats.

Dogs are very energetic Pets that need to be taken out for walks every day. They tend to not get along with other Pets in most cases, but can sometimes befriend small animals if well trained. Dogs undergo extensive training before they become Pets because of their high maintenance requirements, which is why dog ownership requires a lot of effort. If you do not want too much time commitment or any hassle then dogs are not ideal Pets for you.

But what about hedgehogs? Well, these Pets have much less time investment required by their owners when compared to both dogs and cats combined! It’s almost impossible to overfeed them so if you’re busy with work etc…and forget feeding them, it’s not a big deal. There is no need to clean up after these Pets since they do this themselves. They’re also pretty quiet Pets and don’t require much time investment which makes them the perfect Pets for people who work or study a lot. And another great aspect of owning hedgehogs is that you get to play with them and pet them whenever you like, unlike dogs who might get jealous of your attention and try to bite you!

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