Our History

As part of the Compassion-First family of pet hospitals, the Virginia Veterinary Centers are revolutionizing how veterinary practices connect with each other to offer the very best care.

The original location began in a house on bustling Cary Street in 1981. A passionate group of vets saw the need for outstanding pet care even during evening and weekend hours, and quickly established a reputation as an invaluable resource for pets and their families.

Before long the center expanded to a larger building across the street where they could build upon their emergency services. Specialists in veterinary surgery, ophthalmology and dermatology were added. Since then, local pet parents have counted on VESC around the clock for the compassion and expertise they and their pets need.

Central Animal Referral and Emergency Hospital (CARE Hospital), Fredericksburg

CARE was established as Fredericksburg Regional Veterinary Emergency Center in 2005 to satisfy the need for the high-quality care provided by primary care veterinarians—but during overnight, weekend and holiday times.

Specialty services were introduced in 2014, and today CARE offers five specialty departments providing excellence in veterinary medicine for every pet and their families, all with the highest level of compassion.

All of that knowledge, experience and love for the pets and families of this area have combined to bring you Virginia Veterinary Centers. We look forward to offering your pet the best care for years to come.


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