Why choose us

Why Choose VESC?
Why Choose Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center?   We at VESC know that you have options when choosing a veterinary healthcare specialist. Since 1981, we have been dedicated to providing excellent, state of the art veterinary medicine to the greater Richmond area. What are the benefits to you and your pet? A world-class veterinary center must excel in five areas:
• Top Specialists
• Exceptional Service and Care
• State-of-the-art Technology
• Advanced Procedures for Diagnosis and Treatment
• Comprehensive Care and Client Choice

Top Specialists
The VESC has highly trained specialists in Internal Medicine, Oncology, Imaging, Surgery, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, and Critical Care.   Besides earning their Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, these specialists have 4 additional years of education and training including an internship, a 3-year residency in the area of their specialty, and the successful completion of rigorous state and national boards. Most of our doctors have lead seminars educating other veterinary professionals in advanced and specialized veterinary medicine.
The VESC team of specialists practice collaborative medicine, combining each individual veterinarian’s specialized area of expertise with one another’s skills to deliver the best, most thorough diagnosis and treatment to your pet.

Exceptional Service & Care
In addition to medical skill, our veterinarians are deeply committed to attentive service to their clients and compassionate care for their patients.
Like our doctors, our team of certified veterinary technicians and assistants are skilled, and experienced.   Most of our staff are pet owners too, giving them great empathy for the connection you have with your pet.
All our doctors and staff share a strong belief in VESC’s purpose: To forever nurture and improve the human animal bond.

Advanced State-of-the-Art Technology
Powerful advanced technology provides our doctors with the necessary tools to offer the best possible care. Our CT scanner is 4 slice capable, can acquire 0.5 mm thick slices, and has a maximum rotation speed of 2 rotations per second.  These features result in the ability to obtain high resolution studies rapidly to minimize anesthesia or sedation time.  We have advanced digital imaging and high-resolution systems that allow our doctors to detect and evaluate a wide range of conditions, and the most advanced GE general diagnostic ultrasound machine available.  It can do vascular work and high-resolution work excellently in animals ranging from 2kg to 70kg.
Our Stat Laboratory is an in-house commercial-quality medical lab containing high-grade equipment. The lab enables fast, accurate turnaround of tests. The Critical Care and Emergency service department has advanced patient monitoring systems. But the most important part of offering such a wide array of technologies is VESC’s ability to provide the best-possible trained staff available to utilize these cutting-edge tools.

Advanced Treatments & Procedures
Veterinary Specialty Hospital is committed to staying on the leading edge of innovative treatments and procedures. Our goal is to increase longevity and improve the quality of life for your pet.

Comprehensive Services
VESC has grown to become a major veterinary center where our clients have a “one stop shop” for a broad array of specialty services, all housed in a  24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week ER and Critical Care facility. All of our veterinarians and specialists operate as a team and are supported by our in-house diagnostic and treatment capabilities, offering a wide range of options for care, including the most advanced.
Finally, we recognize that the best, most comprehensive care comes from a strong partnership between you, your valued family veterinarian, and our compassionate, expert medical team. Our aim is to provide that for every client, every time.

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