Cost of Care

The Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center is committed to providing excellent patient care at the most reasonable cost possible. As a hospital that provides emergency and specialized medical care, the VESC relies upon the expertise of our board-certified veterinary specialists, staff veterinarians, and licensed veterinary technicians to uphold and maintain this high level of care. The VESC is staffed 24-hours a day, seven days a week by experienced, compassionate professionals who are constantly monitoring your pet with leading technology and techniques.

The expenses associated with emergency and specialized medical care are often a concern for families. Unless the medical condition warrants immediate, life-saving intervention, our goal is to provide you with an accurate treatment plan and financial estimate before beginning treatment. To provide this estimate, typically a medical history will be taken and a physical exam will be performed so that the VESC veterinarian has some basic relevant medical information to use in creating a treatment plan. The VESC veterinarian will propose a treatment plan and will provide you with an estimate of associated expenses.

Due to the nature of some medical conditions, however, it is not always possible to precisely predict the outcome or associated costs of a medical problem. If substantial deviation from your treatment plan becomes necessary, you will be informed by the VESC medical team and a new estimate of costs will be presented to you before new or additional measures are implemented. If you have any concerns regarding the cost of treatment, please discuss this with your VESC veterinarian or client services representative before treatment begins. We want to be sure we have a clear understanding of your wishes for the treatment of your pet.

Before medical treatment is started, you will be required to sign the proposed treatment plan and leave a deposit. A deposit will be required if your pet is to be hospitalized for diagnostics or treatments. Full payment for services is expected at the time of patient discharge from the hospital.

The VESC accepts cash, debit, Master Card, American Express, Discover,  Visa, and Care Credit (a medical finance plan). Visit Care Credit online for more information.

For additional general information regarding what is entailed in the cost of veterinary medicine, please visit the American Animal Hospital Association.

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