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The Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center’s care for your pet does not stop when they leave the hospital. We are always looking to hear how your pet is doing when they are home. Please forward your post care stories and pictures to and we will post them periodically. When you send us your update  please be aware that your story and/or pictures are subject to be posted on our website, Facebook or Twitter page at any time. If you wish not to have your story posted, please indicate it in your message.

In the middle of the night on Saturday May 5, 2012 a small 8 week old Rottweiler puppy was surrendered to VESC and Richmond Animal Control.  She had a large rectangular wound across her shoulders that had become badly infected and the owners felt they could not give her the proper treatment. They decided that it would be best for her if she could find a new home with someone that could have her wounds cared for and treated properly.  The loving staff at VESC took care of her over night and throughout the day on Sunday then contacted a VESC employee who has a soft spot for Rottweiler’s, Dianne and her husband Jason.  After visiting with the puppy, Jason and Dianne fell in love and received permission from Animal Control to adopt her.  Now named Kendall, she underwent an extensive surgery by VESC’s own Dr. Evan Apotheker to repair the wound (which was suspected as a burn). The wound ran nearly the entire length of her back, from her neck almost to her hips.

Kendall had to have body bandages and being a stylish puppy she is, needed to wear  onesies to keep her from pulling out the sutures and scratching the itchy spots.  Since her surgery she has had other complications such as seromas and bacterial infections which the doctors and staff at VESC have helped her overcome.  Kendall continues to see Dr. Anna Barnes of Lakeside Animal hospital for her routine health care and ongoing follow ups.

Kendall is now around 14 weeks old and 31lbs of lovable puppy; she loves running around with her other dog siblings (2 other rotties and a collie) and feline siblings (2 cats).  Although she had a rough start in life she is a very gentle girl and loves to give kisses to everyone she meets!  She will always have a reminder of her injury because of the scar tissue along her back but that doesn’t stop her one bit from taking on life head on each day!

Dear Dr. Almon,

We are writing to express our family’s great appreciation for your work with Ginger over this past weekend.  Ginger’s labor and difficulties delivering her puppies had our family very concerned for her and her puppies health.  Your calm, caring manner and clear concern for all of us was exactly what was needed.  Ginger is a great mom and she has quickly recovered.  The puppies are beautiful and are growing right before our eyes.  We are grateful for your expertise, your attention to our concerns, and for walking us through every option as we made treatment decisions.

Many thanks,

Bruce & Susan Carter


I would like to thank all the Drs. and staff that helped nurse him back to health.  He is missing all of the attention that he got there but he is happy to be home.  He is doing well and will be going to Stratford Hills vet in a couple of weeks for a recheck. Dr. Elliot wanted to wait until two weeks after the use of his steroids.


Susan Hamilton


Max Marc and I can’t say enough good things about the care Max got at Cary Street Vet Hospital. The personal phone calls from the vets immediately after surgery went a long way towards reassuring me that Max was in the best hands. Everytime I called whoever answered “knew” Max! Every single person there cares about pets! Thanks to each person whose loving hands petted Max, walked Max and held Max. If I called out names I’d miss too many.

-M & N Willson

Baxter bounced back very quickly from his aspiration pneumonia thanks to the great attention at his home-away-from home, VESC. He returned home just in time to help host a New Year’s Eve party with his shaved legs which I call his “recovery gloves.” It’s comforting to know that when he must endure these bouts of treatment, he has found as stress-free a routine and company of professionals to speed his recovery.


Best, and thanks,



Mr. Miles was attacked by a larger dog a suffered a large wound over his neck and ribcage. Due to the severity of his wound he needed several staged surgeries and even some reconstructive techniques and a special drain to get his wound to heal. He was initially very nervous about his visits to VESC but did better and better each time and turned out to be a model patient. He is now fully healed and back to his normal self!

Thanks again for all you’ve done for Miles the past month. I know it’s your “job” and that
as a vet you obviously have a passion for animals, but you definitely went above and beyond what I ever would have expected. I think seeing the same person each time also helped Miles feel less scared, which of course made it easier when he came in 🙂 So thanks a ton!!! … And I hope we never have to see you at the clinic again! Haha!!


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