Our Hospitals

Since 1981, the Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center has been responding with professional expertise and compassionate care to the needs of the greater Richmond, Virginia pet owning community; continuously offering the best-possible medical care for its patients and clients.


Originally operating out of a house on bustling Cary Street in the west side of Richmond, VESC began its story by creating a reliable business that met the needs of emergency and critical care for the city’s pets. A steady group of committed veterinary doctors worked overnights and weekends providing necessary treatment for ill or injured pets whose care required immediate attention. The business established and strengthened its reputation for quality care as it became more well-known throughout the community as an important and reliable resource for pet owners.


As more and more residents of the area became aware of the Emergency Center’s expertise, the need for continuous critical care became more of a possibility for the VESC. In short time, the house that held the emergency center became too small for the needs of its patients and clients. A larger building on the other side of Cary Street provided a larger treatment area, more exam rooms, increased lobby space and an expansion of the hospital’s capabilities in every area. With the addition of a board certified specialists in veterinary surgery, ophthalmology and dermatology taking appointments during the daytime hours, it became possible to offer the excellence of care VESC provides on a 24-hour basis. In March of 2002, VESC officially became an around-the-clock veterinary care center. And little over a year later, in May of 2003, Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center added another service to its capabilities by initiating an I-131 treatment for hyperthyroid felines.


VESC made another significant change in 2006 when it partnered with Animal Emergency Care in Midlothian, Virginia, located about 20 miles southwest of the Cary Street location. After five years as a successful emergency clinic of its own, AEC merged with VESC, furthering our goal of offering the greater Richmond area the best emergency veterinary medicine possible.


Around the same time, the Cary Street location began the arduous task of a massive remodel and expansion project. Taking an existing two-story building and nearly doubling its size by adding an additional floor, the VESC made plans to provide for a variety of additional services and diagnostic areas. Construction began in spring of 2006, and continued well into the following years, taking the time necessary to allow the business to function and grow during each stage of the renovation and expansion.


During the construction period, VESC added the services of a board-certified cardiologist, radiologist and internal medicine specialist to the list of its available services. All three services work seamlessly with new ultrasound and CT facilities in conjunction with existing critical care, surgical and emergency services at the VESC to provide patients and clients with treatment and diagnostic opportunities specific to our state of the art facility. CT and ultrasound examinations, echocardiograms, and endoscopy now happen on an almost daily basis, and offer patients and clients the best diagnostic and treatment plans available with evaluations from the most educated and experienced professionals.


VESC enters a new phase of its development with the introduction of its newest members, Dr. Glen Bonin, a board eligible surgeon and Dr. Stephanie Kemp, board-eligible internal medicine doctor, to  ensure that only the best cutting-edge medicine is provided for our sick and injured patients, and provides us an opportunity to expand our already successful internship/educational ventures. By expanding our surgical and internal medicine departments, VESC will be able to provide expanded service hours to the referral community.

The VESC is constantly improving, through upgrades to our physical space, the addition of more educated professionals, and progressive improvements to the care and service that we provide our patients and clients. We ably qualify for American Animal Hospital Association accreditation both as an emergency facility and as the only AAHA accredited referral hospital in Richmond, and look forward to evaluations as opportunities to showcase our strengths. Our team of 11 full-time Veterinarians and 5 board certified specialists are dedicated to ensuring that the quality of client service and patient care that has brought us to where we are continues to propel us toward a bright future. Our goal is to be a leader in veterinary emergency and critical care medicine in our community, deliver the best 24 hour veterinary care available and provide a humane and caring environment and strong continuity of care while affording compassion and respect to every client and pet.



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